1. Along The Dew
    Grand Collapse

  2. Angst

  3. Muffy
    Wonk Unit

  4. Fit, Fine & Well
    Throwing Stuff

  5. Bad Driving
    Black Volvo

  6. TNSrecords Tour

  7. Blowing Chunks

  8. Mr Splashy
    Wonk Unit

  9. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    The Kirkz

  10. TNSrecords Free Sampler 2015

  11. Free Punk Sampler

  12. Braindead vs Conscious Youth

  13. Masquerade Of Wolves

  14. Colossal Velocity
    Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

  15. Trolleys Thank You/ Wonk Unit Saved My Life
    Wonk Unit

  16. Crowley's Curse
    Matilda's Scoundrels

  17. Increasing The Minimum Rage
    Faintest Idea

  18. ScreamerSongwriter
    Stöj Snak

  19. Raising Ruins for the Future
    Mighty Midgets

  20. Flying the Japanese Flag
    Wonk Unit

  21. Unregrettable
    The Kirkz

  22. Split Album
    Chewed Up / Casual Nausea

  23. Je M'appelle Alex
    Wonk Unit

  24. Seeing Out The Sunrise
    Vanilla Pod

  25. The Bear and the Tiger
    Revenge of the Psychotronic Man & Bootscraper

  26. Routine & Ritual
    The Domestics

  27. Out of Anger
    Roughneck Riot

  28. Once We All Were Wolves
    Black Volvo

  29. N/A
    The Franceens

  30. Dead Lands
    Officer Down

  31. 10 Years of Revenge 7"
    Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

  32. Nervous Racehorse
    Wonk Unit

  33. Stepford Smiles
    The Franceens

  34. Live In Session At Maida Vale
    Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

  35. In the Shadow of the Monolith
    No Fealty

  36. Libertaila

  37. The End Of Days
    Acid Drop

  38. S/T
    Sounds of Swami

  39. S/T

  40. Shattered Dreams Parkway
    Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

  41. The Voice of Treason
    Faintest Idea

  42. Bootscaper

  43. Dub Evolution

  44. TNS Vol.3: These Troublesome Thinkers
    Various Artists

  45. Songs For The Short Of Attention
    Hated Til Proven

  46. From Rusholme With Dub
    The Autonomads/Black Star Dub Collective

  47. Salt The Lands
    Beat The Red Light

  48. Country & Eastern

  49. Ignorance Is This
    Faintest Idea

  50. Agroculture
    The Kirkz

  51. Beat The Red Light
    Beat The Red Light

  52. TNS008

  53. TNS vol.2: Mainstream Music Is Shit

  54. Halcyon Days
    Sounds of Swami

  55. Make Pigs Smoke
    Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

  56. A Big Pot of Hot
    The Shadowcops

  57. Harijan - John Player Specials - Split EP
    Harijan/John Player Specials

  58. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man vs The Fractions
    Revenge of the Psychotronic Man/The Fractions

  59. TNSvol.1 'Music by People Who Drink Cider in the Gutter


TNSrecords Manchester, UK

TNSrecords is a not-for-profit DIY punk and ska label based in Manchester, UK. We also put on gig, release a fanzine, have a distro and put out a podcast.

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